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Basic manners, leash training & more.

Group Classes

Group Dog Training Classes

All groups are 6 weeks unless otherwise noted. 

Two instructors are present in dog behavior classes over 4 to assist. We chose this model of small class to trainer to ensure each participant receives one-on-one coaching time in each and every class.

Group Classes in Detail

Puppies 8 weeks - 6 months old

This 6-week group class focuses on teaching new puppy parents and their pups all about how dogs learn, critical developmental periods for puppies, socialization milestones, impulse control, bite inhibition, crate training, potty training, curbing and preventing undesirable behaviors, and standard foundation skills: sit, down, stand, come when called, focus, touch targeting, loose leash walking, leave it, drop it, take it, stay, mat targeting, polite greetings. This is a 6 week course.

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6 months - adult dogs

Similar to the above, but this 6-week course is geared toward friendly adult dogs, we focus on teaching foundation behaviors: sit, down, stand, come when called, focus, touch targeting, loose leash walking, leave it, drop it, take it, stay, mat targeting, polite greetings., impulse control, understanding non-verbal communication from your dog, curbing undesirable behaviors and relationship building.

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All ages

Those foundation skills acquired in level 1 are going well inside the house under pristine conditions, but you need cooperation from your dog outside and about town. This level 2 class focuses on reliability and engagement with you during increasingly higher levels of distractions and preps you and your dog for real life and the real world.

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All ages

Does your clever dog just love to be the center of attention? This class will make fido's dreams a reality. Dogs love learning new behaviors and what better way to provide enrichment and fun for both you and them? Need a tissue? Teach your dog to bring it to you. Wow your neighbors with your friendly dog who waves to them as they walk by. We jump through hoops for our dogs because we love them, so let's teach them to do this for us on cue! This six week course is a mix of structured curriculum and student-driven requests in that we encourage students to provide input into what tricks they're dying to teach their dogs.  Verbal Marker / Clicker experience helpful but not required.This is a 6-week course.  

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Behavioral Problems?

Here's how to assess if your dog has behavior problems:
Is your dog upset? Are they scared, stressed, anxious, angry? If so, private training is the route you'll want to take.