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Policies & Agreement

  • Group Classes

    Registration and Package Cancellation

    • Full Payment is due at enrollment to reserve your space in the training class. Unpaid registrations do not hold a space in the class.
    • Payment for cancellations of package will be refunded in full with 72 hours notice of the first class start date.
    • Payment is non-refundable and non-transferable within 72 hours notice of group class start date. No exceptions.
      Why 72 hours notice? We are different from a tangible product in that we can't just put our services back on the shelf to resell like you would if returning a pair of shoes. Without ample notice, we can't resell your training package and in short, that business model is unsustainable. We only have a handful of spots in each class. Sometimes we have a wait list for classes, but those people need time to rearrange their schedule. We also book our trainers out based on number of participants with multiple trainers in each class. We can't very well tell them last minute we don't need them and they're out their wages. Their livelihood depends on us. The reality is that we can keep our rates reasonable by relying on each person to do their part. It's part of our mission to provide expert training at a reasonable cost in our group classes because it means more dogs and their families lead happy lives together. Thanks for understanding.
    • All sessions must be completed within 6 weeks from the class start date. 


    Missed Classes

    If you must miss a class, trainer agrees to provide handouts for your reference. You must request these via email. We have most of the exercises documented in video format. Exceptions are week 6 where the exercises vary based on class needs and one exercise in week 5 which we from a training plan specific to each dog.

    If your dog misses 2 classes in a six week series, you will be required to re-register and start again. Our groups are designed to build on skills progressively each week and would require substantial one-on-one trainer instruction to bring you back up to speed which is unfair to the other class participants.

    Group Class Outline & Requirements

    • Unless otherwise indicated, group classes meet for 50 minutes to 1 hour weekly.
    • Dogs must be current on age-appropriate vaccinations.
    • All dogs should potty prior to class.
    • Bring a variety of treats your dog is crazy about to each class.
    • Bring an edible chew or stuffed Kong to each class.
    • You may enter the building 5 minutes prior to the start of your class. Please take a moment to exercise your dog if you arrive early as we will have participants from the previous class exiting the building, and will be setting up the room for your class.
    • Arrive and be prepared to start the class on time. Late arrivals cause disruption to the flow of the class.
    • Your dog should be equipped with a flat nylon or leather collar or martingale collar, harness as needed and 4-6 foot leash. We do not permit prong, choke, slip leads, electronic collars or retractable leashes.


    Class Participation

    While family participation is generally encouraged, at this time, Rocky Mountain Dog Training is limiting participation to 1 family member due to COVID-19. If you wish to dial in your family via a web app, you may do so. Classes are not permitted to be publicly broadcast. 

    Dog Appropriateness

    Unless otherwise specified, all dogs in a group setting must be comfortable and friendly with other dogs and strangers. Please note that at this time, masks will be worn by participants. This can be scary for some dogs, so please work to get them comfortable prior to the series.

    At the trainer's discretion, dogs deemed dangerous, aggressive or highly fearful will be removed from class without refund. If you are unsure your dog is an appropriate candidate, please schedule a private training consult prior to enrollment. Having not met your dog prior to the start of the class, we rely on you for this information. We suggest you read the course information and dog requirements carefully before making your purchase.  

    Cancellation of Classes On Our, Mother Nature's Part, or Acts of God

    Minimum Participation: If minimum enrollment for the class is not met, you will be notified 24 hours prior to the class start date by email or telephone. Your start date may be pushed out by 1-2 weeks. You will be offered the option to enroll in another class if needed, or receive credit toward another class.

    Weather: In the event of a weather cancellation, you will be notified a minimum of 1 hour prior to your class start time via email and these cancellations will be listed on the website home page. It is a good idea to check your email prior to heading out during excessive rain / flooding or heavy snow. Make up classes will be held on Sundays following your last scheduled class or if available at the end of your training package on same date and time as prior classes. You will be notified by your trainer of the schedule.

    Pandemic / COVID-19 Guidelines.

    If Rocky Mountain Dog Training is unable to operate due to any reason associated with the Pandemic / COVID-19, you agree and acknowledge that Rocky Mountain Dog Training's only obligation will be to reschedule any classes that are missed. 

    You agree to wear a mask which covers your nose and mouth while inside the building. If you are medically exempt, Rocky Mountain Dog Training will provide reasonable accommodation by providing you with the ability to connect remotely to the group class with 48 hours notice and provide coaching as we would in person. 

    You agree to maintain 8 feet of social distancing which may be increased if deemed necessary by any staff member or contractor. 

    If you fail to wear a mask in the facility or during any contact with Rocky Mountain Dog Training's staff or contractors, your contract is terminated without refund. 

    Use of Rocky Mountain Dog Training's public restrooms is unavailable at present. 

    Doors will be opened 5 minutes prior to the class start time. Please wait in vehicle. Doors will be closed 5 minutes after the start time. 

    You agree and acknowledge that you may not bring your dog to Rocky Mountain Dog Training if any of the following exist: 

    • you or anyone in your household has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and have not been found to be cleared of the virus;
    • you or anyone in your household has been exposed to COVID-19 within the last fourteen days;
    • you or anyone in your household has been out of the country, in New York City or in any other location in the United States considered a COVID-19 hot spot in the last fourteen days; or
    • you or anyone in your household show signs of having COVID-19


    You agree and acknowledge that Rocky Mountain Dog Training, LLC may refuse entrance or, if entrance has already happened, require you to leave if you show signs of sickness for any in-person training and may cease any outdoor training if you show signs of sickness.

    You agree and acknowledge that Rocky Mountain Dog Training, LLC may require additional procedures be put into pplace due to COVID-19 to ensure that Rocky Mountain Dog Training, LLC can keep both staff members and other clients safe.