Group Class Client Resources

New Client Form

New group class students, please fill out this form and bring it to your first session.


Returning Client Form

Returning students, if any of your information has changed, please fill out this form and bring it with you to your first session.


Group Class Info 

Please bring the following items to your first session:

  • New Client Form (please print and fill out before arrival)
  • Vaccination Records to Date (you can also email these if it's easier)
  • If you're a note take, feel free to bring a pad and pen. We do give you supporting materials for all topics covered, so this isn't required.

No pups at the first session
In week 1 we are going to be covering the human half of dog training and will line up a demo dog for our exercises. Your pups will join us for week 2.

6801 W. 117th Ave.
Unit F3
Broomfield, CO, 80020

We are on the NW corner of Main Street and 117th Ave. When you turn onto 117th Ave. turn right immediately into our parking lot or you'll pass us. 

We will open doors 5 minutes prior to our start time. 
This allows us the time we need to get set up and ready for your class. Because we hold a class prior, please hang tight in your vehicles until this time so that we can transition them out smoothly.

Cancellations / Transfers – Prior to the class start date, if your plans change, we offer full refund with 72 hours advanced notice, or credited in full toward another class start date within a 30 day period. 50% refund will be granted with 48 hours notice of the first class start date. No refunds will be granted with less than 48 hours notice. No exceptions. Reservations are non-transferable with less than 48 hour notice.

Missed Classes

If for any reason, you aren't able to make a class within the 6 week series, please email us to request your weekly handout. Include the week you must miss, class date and time. We will send you that week's handout and any demo videos we have for the missed session, though attendance is always best.

Dog Illness or Injury

If at any point your dog is feeling sick, or gets injured prior to a class, we encourage you to attend without the dog that week. Group classes are primarily to build YOUR skills, so even if your dog isn't able to make it, there is a lot of opportunity to learn for you!

Exercises Scaled To Your Needs

We offer a robust curriculum intended to provide common skills for the group attendees. We know that life happens and sometimes it's not always possible to put in as much practice as you'd like in a week. While we will be building on each skill incrementally week to week, we recommend prioritizing your time to focus on those skills most important to you. You can revisit other activities later when you have additional time, and your packets are yours to keep so you can reference them indefinitely. A couple of exceptions, I would recommend trying to stay on track with both recall (coming when called) and stay when those come up in class. Those are VERY incremental, and so it can get easy to fall behind and get lost on those.  


While we are able to offer a wide range of skills-based training in groups, ethically, we cannot address severe behavior problems without a behavior history and these are generally done in private training. Think of behavior challenges as things that upset the dog. My dog hides from.... My dog hates .... My dog growls when... My dog snaps at... My dog is stressed when...

We would LOVE to help you with them, but want to do it the right way. We strive to provide high quality training, and with these types of behaviors, there are loads of variables we need to consider when setting out to modify them. Without taking the time to assess the behavior, contingencies, household factors etc, we'd be doing both you and your dog a disservice. Fortunately with young dogs, at least with most of these things, early intervention often means quick progress and we can sometimes get back on track with just a single session. If something comes up with your pup and you're not sure if it's serious, just ask us! Puppies sometimes do things that look crazy and are completely normal. We're here to assist you in getting the help you need. We'll let you know if it's just normal puppy development or if a private needs to be scheduled.

See full Policies & Agreement here.