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Meet the members of our training team.


Our Mission

At Rocky Mountain Dog Training, our mission is to teach leadership and team driven skills and handling techniques that are sensitive to both the human and canine needs. We offer pet dog training, therapy dog prep, behavior modification and tricks training. We are solutions driven, positive reinforcement style trainers who focus heavily on motivation and having fun. No matter how serious the behavior, our goal is to make this experience rewarding for both you and your dog. We strive to build communication skills for mutual understanding between you and your dog, provide quick installation methods of basic skills, and focus on prevention and/or modification of undesirable behaviors.

Julie Parker (CTC)

Owner, Trainer

Following 17 years of volunteer work in shelters and rescues, Julie wanted to get on the preventative end of the spectrum and so shifted careers where dog training has been her focus to that end since 2008. She specializes in pet dog training, puppy socialization, and leash reactivity. Julie initially completed schooling through Canine Correspondence Studies, and recently and additionally graduated from The Academy for Dog Trainers, an advanced, highly prestigious program for dog training professionals, earning her CTC.

Julie founded Rocky Mountain Dog Training in 2009 with the goal of providing her community with science-based, humane training solutions focused on prevention and behavior change while protecting the dog's temperament. She currently teaches our level 1 and 2 group classes, puppy socialization and works on business development projects. She is not currently taking private training clients.  Julie enjoys hiking, ping pong, and spending time with her spouse Ray and their dogs Marshall, Dexter, Midge and Aiden.



Mary is committed to force-free, evidence-based training. She most enjoys helping fearful and reactive dogs learn to be more comfortable in the world and here at RMDT assists on the bulk of our behavioral cases and leash reactivity classes.

Mary spent several years working as an Animal Care and Adoption Counselor, then Supervisor at the Massachusetts SPCA before relocating to Boulder in 2015 to pursue her passion for dog training and behavior at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley’s Training and Behavior Center. She has also worked as a veterinary technician and in animal welfare legislation for the HSUS.

Mary holds a BS in Psychology and Biology from Northeastern University, with a concentration in behavioral course offerings. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and has her Certificate in Training and Counseling from Jean Donaldson’s Academy for Dog Trainers. When she is not working privately with clients, Mary also works as a Professional Behavior Responder for the ASPCA's Anti-Cruelty Behavior Team. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, climbing, running, and playing soccer. You might see her out on the trails with Buster, her adopted Chow/Akita mix!


Training Assistant

Val caught the training bug when she came through classes as a student in 2013 and has continued to grow her skills, eventually joining the RMDT family in a support position. Val primarily assists in group classes, puppy socialization and keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes at the facility.



Ali found her passion for teaching dogs and families when learning how best to help her under-socialized and fearful dog Bohdi be happy and comfortable in the world. Her education took place at the prestigious Pat Miller Academy in Maryland where she learned reward-based, force-free training and behavior modification. She continues to improve her skills and enjoys volunteering at the local shelter, helping dogs who would have a difficult time getting adopted without some training intervention. With a Bachelors in Communication and previous work experience, Ali is excellent at building relationships with people as well. Combined with her skills with dogs, this creates a unique ability to build the owner/dog understanding.

In her free time, you can find Ali and Bohdi engaging in the sport of Nose Work. This hobby is a fun and
enriching activity where handlers support their teammate dog in their natural drive of hunting scent. She also enjoys camping, live music and going to Mammoth Lacrosse games with her partner Mike.

Jackie (CTC, CPDT-KA)


Jackie became passionate about training when she was challenged with helping her own dog feel safe about the world and other dogs. In 2016, she began volunteering with HSBV’s training and behavior center and was offered full time employment within the department shortly thereafter. Jackie splits her time between HSBV's training center and RMDT.

Jackie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and has earned her Certificate in Training and Counseling from The Academy For Dog Trainers. She is also a Fear Free Certified Professional. Jackie is committed to helping guardians and their dogs live in harmony, and enjoys implementing creative enrichment solutions that provide dogs with healthy outlets for normal dog behaviors. She demonstrates her commitment to modern, force free dog training by staying up to date on the latest behavior research and continuing education. 

Maggie Fast


Maggie completed school at Animal Behavior College and has since continued her education attending various seminars by industry experts. Maggie is a self-professed tricks fanatic and describes tricks as "her jam." 

Her positive attitude comes through in all of her interactions with our clients, and has proved to be a valuable asset to the RMDT family, not only working with puppies in socialization, teaching and assisting in group classes, but also in getting out into the community to help with rescue fundraisers and educational campaigns.


Training Assistant

Angie began learning about dog behavior while working to rehabilitate her Great Dane Tank who presented with a variety of complex behavioral issues post-adoption. She completed Canine Communication Studies Course and has been a valued team member for 7 years with RMDT. 

Angie, first her dog Murphy, and now her dog Flint remain active in the rescue community welcoming hospice fosters a safe place to live their remaining lives in a nurturing and loving environment. Her heart is pure gold, and she brings that kindness and understanding into each interaction with our clients and their dogs.


Julie and the gang have saved us! Just when you think you can't do it anymore Julie gives you the tips, courage and support to keep with puppy training. She has helped us turn our Hattie into a great dog. I would recommend her to anyone and will continue to sign up for on-going classes! Thanks Julie you rock!

Alisa T., Broomfield, CO


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