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Basic Manners for Adult Dogs


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Week 1
  • Body Language
       - You will also receive video footage to watch at home
  • Shopping List / Supplies
  • Capturing Attention (Eye Contact)
  • Sit to Say Please / Learn to Earn (Teach dog Sit is the right answer in all contexts)
  • Making the Most of Meal Time (using meals for training, interactive activities)
  • Building a Bank of Reinforcers (reinforcers beyond food)
Week 2
  • Sit (lured)
  • Down (lured)
  • Stand (lured)
  • Sit (hand signal)
  • Down (hand signal)
  • Stand (hand signal)
  • Touch Targeting
  • It's Yer Choice (for Impulse Control)
  • Surprise Party Recall
  • Tug for Impulse Control / Drop It
  • Continue working on Capturing Attention
  • Continue Sit to Say Please in real life contexts
Week 3
  • Sit (adding verbal cue)
  • Down (adding verbal cue)
  • Stand (adding verbal cue)
  • Random Order Series
  • Introducing Push, Drop, Stick (managing your training criteria)
  • Introducing No Reward Markers
  • Leave It
  • Loose Leash Walking – No distractions
  • Premack Recall (distraction becomes the reward)
Week 4
  • Moving to Variable Reinforcement Schedule
  • Speedy Cues
  • Eliminating Treats from the body
       - Maintaining an appropriate rate of reinforcement when requesting functional behaviors vs. consistency when in training mode.
  • Down / Stay on Mat – with food distraction, with movement around dog
  • Adding Distance to Stay
  • Loose Leash Walking Review (depending on need for class)
  • Using It's Yer Choice in real life contexts
Week 5
  • Greeting Control
       - Touch Target for Greetings
       - Approach / Retreat Method
  • Adding Duration to Stay
       - Duration 1sec – 10 sec.
       - Variable Schedule at 15+ sec.
  • Triangle Recall (Premack)
  • Focus Tricks
  • Classical Conditioning – for Graduation Cap
Week 6
  • Expanding Stay To New Environments
  • Sit / Stay for body handling and vet visits
  • Troubleshooting outstanding behaviors
  • Review any outstanding exercises not yet covered
  • Anti-Jumping Exercises
  • Graduation Pictures
  • Course Evaluation
  • What's Next


Please note: While we do our best to stick to this schedule, at times, there may be slight variations based on the needs of the class. I also want to note that in addition to each of these topics there is always bonus material in your packets which we aren't able to cover in the class but that are helpful overall to your long term success.

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