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Loose Leash Walking Mini Course Details


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Week 1
    • Why dogs pull
    • Equipment (front clip or head collar)
    • Reward Placement/Peanut Butter Spoon
    • Stand on Leash
    • Eye Contact
    • Hand Touch
    • Come to Heel
    • Sit/Down at Side
Week 2
  • Review Last Week
  • Join Up
  • Stop When I Stop
  • Penalty Yards Game
  • Intro to U-Turns
Week 3
  • Figure 8s
  • Figure 8s with Distractions
  • Weaving
  • U-Turns with other dogs/pass-bys
  • Troubleshooting


Please note: While we do our best to stick to this schedule, at times, there may be slight variations based on the needs of the class. I also want to note that in addition to each of these topics there is always bonus material in your packets which we aren't able to cover in the class but that are helpful overall to your long term success.

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