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Reactive Rover Course Details


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Week 1 (humans only)
  • Requirements for class
  • Equipment & Safety
  • How dogs learn
  • What is Behavior modification?
  • Body language Intro
  • Intro to marker training/mechanics
  • Targeting Demo
  • Logistics (parking, layout of class, getting people to and from their cars, etc. the importance of calling to cancel)
    • Students decide which tricks they'd like to teach in future classes
Week 2
  • Mat work intro
  • Find it/stuff a dog (Creating a happy response to other dogs & installing an incompatible behavior)
  • Stress signals/body language
  • Training mechanics
  • Focus/attention (for redirection)
  • Name game
  • Emergency U-turns
Week 3
  • Enrichment / Mental Stimulation / Play Discussion
  • Stress signals & thresholds
  • Find it/stuff a dog (Classical Conditioning & DRI)
  • Lure walking intro
  • Check ins
  • Stress to calm cues
  • Mat work
Week 4
  • Visual barriers removed as appropriate
  • Off-leash dog safety discussion
  • Lure walking (intro other dogs at distance)
  • Mat work (dogs at distance)
Week 5
  • Lure walking (practice against other dogs in class)
  • Mat work - managing a stationary dog when other dogs are visible
Week 6
  • Lure walking (practice against other dogs in class)
  • Mat work
  • Graduation
  • Where to go from here



Please note: While we do our best to stick to this schedule, at times, there may be slight variations based on the needs of the class. I also want to note that in addition to each of these topics there is always bonus material in your packets which we aren't able to cover in the class but that are helpful overall to your long term success.

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