Puppy Day School FAQs

?What do I need to know regarding COVID protocols?

When COVID is circulating at a high level in the community, our team will require you to mask up inside the building during drop off/pick up and during Private Transfer Sessions (In the Ultimate Puppy Program). Please continue to practice social distancing.

?What happens if I'm late picking up my puppy?

12:46pm - 1:14pm = $30 additional fee
1:15pm and beyond = $100 additional fee per hour
** - Having a designated pick up and drop off window allows us to keep our overhead costs down and pass savings on to our students. - **

?What happens if I forget my treats and stuffed Kong?

$15 supplies fee applied per day for use of RMDT supplies.

?I don't have my puppy yet so I don't have vaccine records. Can I still register?

Yes! We encourage you to sign up early as spots fill up fast! However, we are required by law to have these records on file and current prior to the puppy's first day. It you register without, we will need you to send them along prior to entry. Depending on age and date for first set of series, this may mean including 1st, 2nd, and/or 3rd round. See our Vaccination Requirements page for more details.

?I'm worried about illness, what is your commitment to prevention?

Understandable, we are too! Not only is illness a real problem in interrupting their socialization timeline, it's incredibly time consuming and expensive to address within the business! Prevention is key! We require puppies remain up to date on their series of vaccinations and conduct a visual health inspection each morning before the puppies enter the building. We request that families also keep an eye out before bringing them. Coughing, excessive sneezing, runny noses, colored discharge, or irregular poop not easily attributed to food are all things we screen for. Can we prevent everything? No. Sometimes, like any school program, a dog may make it in before cold symptoms appear. This is rare, and the benefits of early socialization far outweigh the risk of illness. To date, in 13 years, we have only seen common colds and only occasionally. I e. Kennel cough. And it's rare.