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Nose Work 3

Note: Intro to Nose Work and Nose Work 2 at RMDT are required prerequists to enroll in this course.

4+ months of age (6-week course)

Nose work III is a continuation of Nose work II. We will continue to build on what he achieved in the first two classes and expand the difficultly. Once odor is introduced we can continue hunting in various elements. The odor we use is Birch and this is supplied for class.

Prerequisite: Intro to Nosework, Nosework II

This class will be available to sign up for again and again for dogs who have completed the first two levels. Dogs must be comfortable in the presence of friendly strangers and up to date on vaccinations.
Suggested: A long line is a valuable too for the course, but not required. Dogs who feel more comfortable with their teammate at the end of the leash hunt more confidently on a long line of 15 or 20 feet than a normal 6 foot leash. This also helps the handler learn body position to the dog even though they are still leashed. For exterior searches this is helpful as well because the dogs need to be leashed during exterior searches at all times. 



Nose Work 3

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