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Robust Puppy Socialization


Programs run Monday – Thursday with the exception of modified holiday schedules.

Puppies must be between 8-18 weeks of age at their start date to register.

Drop-Off: 7:30AM-8:00AM
Pick-Up: 12:30PM-12:45PM

**An additional fee will be assessed if you are late picking up your puppy.

Available packages to choose from

1-Week: @ $399.00
2-Week: @ $699.00

Looking for a 4-Week option? Check out The Ultimate Puppy Program which also includes training!

This program is designed for busy households who want to optimize their puppy's socialization efforts.

Puppy Socialization is where we set the stage for a dog's emotions about the world for their entire life. In this short window of brain development, we work to reduce and/or prevent instances of fear and stress, build your puppy's confidence and optimism about the world at large and increase resiliency or bounce-back ability. Activities run on a 4 week rotation, with each day's activities focusing on varied aspects of socialization.

Starting as early as possible is advised for this phase of brain development. Your schedule is listed when selecting your start date at time of registration. We offer 1-week and 2-week options for the Social Puppy. Though we recommend at minimum 2 weeks for socialization, you can renew your time with us until the puppy ages out (pending available space). This is a great alternative option to having a daily dog-walker come and visit your puppy every day and an investment in your puppy's future. If you're looking for training or 4 weeks of socialization, we recommend you hit up The Ultimate Puppy program. It includes all of this, plus training and private sessions.


Social Puppy Program Details


Socialization Includes:

  • closely moderated group and individualized play sessions with appropriate other puppies daily
  • confidence building obstacle courses & games
  • exposure to new surfaces, textures and moving objects underfoot
  • safe and moderated exposure to "friendly strangers" and the various "looks" of people
    • on field trips
    • via use of costumes, walkers, canes, etc.
    • Please note, COVID-19 distance adherence in effect when out and about.
  • controlled exposure to new sounds and familiarization with loud household sounds and sudden environmental changes
  • exposure to wheeled objects, weird objects like umbrellas, etc.
  • exercises to teach body awareness
  • body handling to prepare them for vet and grooming needs
  • weekly field trips for real world environmental exposure
  • potty training support
  • weekly report cards

Watch our Puppy Day School video to learn more:


Prefer to have both socialization and training? Check out Ultimate Puppy!



Requirements to attend

  • Age: Eligible puppies must be between 8 and 18 weeks of age at start to take advantage of their early socialization window. If dogs do not pass an initial temperament evaluation conducted on their first day to remain enrolled in the program. An alternate training plan will be recommended to the puppy parent if the puppy is not appropriate for day-school training and refund for remaining package will be issued.
  • Vaccinations: Puppies must be up-to-date with and maintaining their booster vaccination series. Of particular importance are Distemper and Parvo. See Vaccination Requirements »
  • Daily Health: Puppies must pass a daily health check before class admittance for the day. This is to ensure each puppy is healthy enough to socialize with other puppies for their own safety and well-being and the safety of their classmates. If a puppy shows signs of illness while at the program, we will contact you immediately for pickup.
  • Start On Crate Training Now: Please start your puppy on crate training. While little time is spent crated, we do need to crate during transitional periods and during check in and check out for everyone's safety and to give the puppies short bursts of rest. Please read this link to learn why your puppy will benefit from this skill in day school. Crate Training instructions and handout will be sent with your purchase confirmation.

See it in action!


Sign Up For Day School

Please complete both form and payment to secure your space in this program. If waiting on vaccination records, while required before you begin, you can email these to us prior to your start date.

⚠ Before starting this form, please have the following ready:

  • Vaccination Records (these can be .pdf, .jpg, .png, .bmp) More Details »
  • A current photo of your puppy
  • Emergency Contact and Vet Contact Information
  • Payment Details