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Why Remote Consulting Is Effective

Traditionally, we think of private training as an in home visit from a behavior professional, and it's weird to think about doing that online. But let's talk about the behavior process. When we visit you in your home, the bulk of our time is spent talking, which means gathering information about your and your dog's situation, teaching you training concepts, and then coaching you as you apply them. This is almost all verbal instruction.

Sure, doing this online means our bodies aren't in your living room, but we're able to get the exact same results. For behavioral help, this is perfect.

But what about basic manners and skills training? Guess what? We can show you our demos over the web just like we'd do in person and then coach you through how to apply them in your home. There's really no barrier.

Unless you're wanting us to train your dog for you and then hand over the driver's manual, it's a perfect solution.

And if you want us to train your dogs for you, well, you're in luck if they're under 18 weeks! We do this in our Puppy Day School program which has space available now. Even with the COVID-19 stuff. Check it out!

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