6801 W. 117th Ave., Unit F3, Broomfield, CO 80020

Hello to you and your beautiful puppies! You're probably wondering what the heck we're doing about COVID-19 and if we're keeping this program going through this.
We thought long and hard about this too.

Puppy Day School will continue on with some slight adjustments:

  • This is open for families who are working from home right now, practicing social distancing measures, and keeping out of public spaces and aren't in a high risk category. We are doing the same social distancing by going from home to work only, and we need you to keep us safe too. 
  • Instead of sending treats daily with your puppy, you will supply their full ration at session 1 in a disposable bag. We also need to keep their stuffed toy and wet food or your jar of peanut butter on hand so we aren't passing it back and forth daily. We have fridges for storage. 
  • At week's end, we'll sanitize this and give it to you in a ziplock to take home safely. 
  • We won't have you in the building. Because we need to be as safe as absolutely possible, we'll do exchanges outside the building and have disposable leashes coming in Saturday so we don't need to touch your equipment. That'll stay with you. 
  • All of our groups are postponed so rest assured, only us 4 ladies will be in the building until this passes. 
  • Field trips are unfortunately postponed for now. Don't fret. We'll bring the party to them! 
  • We will also post regular updates on social media so you can see exactly what we're up to each day. 
  • If you are in the Ultimate Program, you have the option to do your session remotely if you have web-conference capabilities, or we'll delay this piece until the COVID fog lifts. Your call!

We are following all Department of Agriculture recommendations at this time for Tips for Social Distancing & Recommendations for Animal Handling. For more, you can visit those guidelines here:

  1. Practice safe social distancing by not allowing pet parents to congregate in a common or public area while waiting to drop off or pick up their pet.
  2. If a facility has concerns about surface contamination from leashes and collars, ask pet parents to remove them prior to handing the pet to you. Use disposable slip leashes to move pet animals from one location to another.
  3. If a facility has a concern about surface contamination on the pet animal, wear latex gloves while bathing or handling pet animals and dispose of the gloves immediately after you finish handling each specific animal.
  4. Don’t touch your face or nose while handling pet animals and wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after handling each specific animal.
  5. Practice safe social distancing between employees.
  6. Follow PACFA rules for cleaning/disinfecting animal enclosures or common areas.
  7. Frequently clean/disinfect public/employee restrooms and break rooms.

Don't miss this window, we don't get this time back. We hope to see you there soon.