6801 W. 117th Ave., Unit F3, Broomfield, CO 80020

What's the status of your groups you ask? Well, right now, our current classes are postponed, and future classes will likely be pushed a couple weeks too because of the schedule shift.When we know more, you'll know more about changes in the schedule.

Don't you worry though! We're here if you need help now.

Here's what we're doing:

  • If you register for a group class, you will be given access to our online group. Even if we can't start your in person class right away, we'll be starting it online.
  • We are posting our training series for our students who are currently enrolled so that you can get a jump on things until we can meet in person.
  • We're also releasing a Creative Solutions for Puppy Socialization for students with puppies who are stuck at home so that they can do everything possible to get them socialization.
  • And we'll be offering coaching hours each week for anyone enrolled to ask us questions in real time.
  • You can even upload videos there for us to help with troubleshooting.

When signing up, you'll get all this and still get your group class when we can meet again. We want to be there for our community and this is a great option for when we're not able to see you in person.

We look forward to helping you remotely until we can see you in class! And we have removed all future class dates without students so that those of you who sign up now will be first in line when we jump back into it!

Thanks for your patience!

Class Schedule