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Our Mission

At Rocky Mountain Dog Training, our mission is to foster the bond between people and pets by teaching team-driven skills and handling techniques that are sensitive to both human and canine needs. We offer pet dog training, therapy dog prep, private training, and tricks training. We are solutions driven, force-free and positive reinforcement style trainers who focus heavily on motivation and having fun. No matter what your level of dog handling experience is, our goal is to make this experience rewarding for everyone. We strive to build communication skills for mutual understanding between you and your dog, provide quick installation methods of basic skills, and focus on prevention and/or modification of undesirable behaviors.

Julie Parker (CTC, CPDT-KA)

Owner, Trainer

Julie has completed schooling in Canine Correspondence Studies, graduated with honors from The Academy for Dog Trainers, an advanced, highly prestigious program for dog training professionals, earning her CTC and also holds a Certification in Professional Dog Training - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) through the Certification Counsel for Pet Dog Trainers (CCPDT).

Julie founded Rocky Mountain Dog Training in 2009 with the goal of providing her community with efficient, well-vetted and humane training solutions and in her words, "To make Broomfield a better place for dogs." She volunteered in rescues and shelters for 17 years prior to becoming a trainer and draws inspiration from her experiences there as often the things that render dogs homeless are preventable. She works tirelessly to provide families with tools and training to ensure lifelong success in their relationships with their dogs. Her focus is on early prevention of behavioral problems and long term behavioral wellness. She is an expert in puppy development and currently teaches in our group programs, puppy socialization and works on business development projects behind the scenes. She is not currently taking private training clients. Julie enjoys hiking, ping pong, and spending time with her spouse Ray and their dogs Marshall, Dexter, Midge and Aiden.


Christine is one of our Puppy Day School Leads. A Colorado native, she is owned by her wirehaired dachshunds who introduced her to the world of dog sports. She trains, shows, and titles her dogs in multiple venues including conformation, agility, field work, earthdog, rally, and tracking. She has a strong background in applied training skills and brings her vast depth of knowledge to the Puppy Day School program.


Valarae is one of our Puppy Day School Leads. Valarae has been passionate about dog training her whole life, beginning when she taught the family dog to run laps around the house. She started with RMDT as a client in 2013 where the owner Julie opened her eyes to the far-reaching possibilities of dog training. She has been working at Rocky Mountain Dog Training first assisting and finally leading puppy socialization and basic manners courses since 2016. Valarae joined the Puppy Day School team in October 2019. Valarae is committed to giving puppy parents the tools and skills that will allow their puppies to thrive and succeed in life. She wants to share the incomparable joy of learning to communicate with dogs. She enjoys a quiet life at home with her husband and her dog Rhubarb, who thinks the best part of life is fetch.  


Valerie assists in the Puppy Day School program with socialization, play, handling & grooming, and field trips. Valerie has had a dog in her life since birth.  Valerie left home to study at Colorado State University. She met her future husband in Fort Collins, and they were married in 1997. Their first German Shepherd together, Marshall, appeared in the Engagement Announcements!

Valerie came to us as a client with her GSD puppy, Smokey. By the time we were looking to build up our Puppy Day School Program, she had attended all the classes RMDT has to offer. When she applied for the Assistant Trainer's post we were ecstatic!  As it turns out, its Valerie’s Dream Job to work with your puppies and help create bomb-proof little doggos so that they may enjoy their lives to their fullest. Valerie enjoys all the fun Colorado things: hiking, fishing, camping, reading, cooking & beer! (Most importantly with Smokey!) We call Valerie our unicorn. Dogs LOVE her so much, she is wonderful at building up confidence in our scaredy pups, and really loves each as though they are her own. We are so lucky to have her on our team.


Julie and the gang have saved us! Just when you think you can't do it anymore Julie gives you the tips, courage and support to keep with puppy training. She has helped us turn our Hattie into a great dog. I would recommend her to anyone and will continue to sign up for on-going classes! Thanks Julie you rock!

Alisa T., Broomfield, CO


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