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Intro to Nose Work

4+ months of age (6-week course)

This fun game teaches dogs to harness their superpower -- their sense of smell! The beauty of this game is that any dog can do it and any handler can do it, young and old alike. We begin with showing the dog to turn on their natural ability to hunt out her favorite yummy treat in increasingly challenging situations.

Nose Work is great physical and mental exercise for a dog as well as a confidence builder for those dogs that need a little boost. Any breed, any dog, any person can do this great game! In each class, dogs hunt individually for each challenge so it's also the perfect activity for a handler and their dog who may have a hard time being around other dogs either because they're so over the-top-excited or don't like their company. 

This class is just the beginning and focuses on teaching you and your dog the game. From here we encourage you to advance to increasingly difficult leveled classes and continue the fun moving from boxes to vehicles, containers and outdoors. 

Class Format: This game is setup to allow one dog to hunt at a time so the other dogs will need to be crated or in a car away from the search area.  We will have various sized crates available at the training center to use during the class or you are welcome to bring your own. If you opt to have your dog in the car instead of crated between hunts, you will need two handlers in attendance so that one person can remain with the dog in the parking lot.

There are no pre-requisites for this course. Dogs need no prior training.  We welcome dogs 4+ months on up to geriatric seniors looking for low-impact enrichment options to participate. Dogs must be comfortable in the presence of friendly strangers and up to date on vaccinations.

Intro to Nose Work

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